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-old james egan holmes has been officially charged in the colorado movie theater shootings. >> the maximum penalty for a first degree murder charge is the death penalty. hyenas two a-- he faces two attempted first degree murder charges on each of the people killed in the shootings. edward lawrence has more. >> reporter: this time to hear the charges against him. >> 24 counts of murder in the first degree. that's 116 counts of criminal attempts to commit murder in the first degree. >> reporter: one for each of the dead and 12 counts of murder with extreme indifference to human life. those charges could mean the death penalty. the 116 counts of attempted murder mean two counts for each of the 58 people injured in the attack. they say holmes looked the same as he did a week ago with a shock of orange red dyed hair and no emotion during most of the proceedings. but holmes did speak when asked if he wanted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within a within period of time. he said yes. some wore "batman" shirts, the massacre occurred during the first showing of the film "the dark knight
accused movie theater gunman james holmes was found in the mail room of university of colorado denver. the package was handled by a bomb squad robot and x-rayed to check for explosives. the letter was sent to one of holmes' former professors, a psychiatrist. the letter arrived days before last friday's shooting that had not yet been processed out of the mail room. the letter may help investigators learn more about holmes but experts say not to expert closure. >> there's nothing that this individual could say to us that would cause us and the general public to sit back and say, now i understand why you did this. >> reporter: defense attorneys got their first look inside holmes' apartment where authorities say he had planned to kill police officers using a complex network of booby traps, explosives and chemicals. police have finally released released holmes' apartment building from being a crime scene and displaced residents will now be allowed back home. work crews spent the day repairing damage to the building caused during the police investigation. people continue to heal as well. mo
other packages that were shipped to james holmes' home and the university of colorado where hole him was a graduate student. >>> the colorado shooting has reignited the gun control debate. members of jesse jackson's rainbow push collision were at magic johnson's theater. they are calling for lawmakers to be proactive to prevent the next massacre which includes reinstating the country's ban on assault weapons. >> weapons are intended for mass destruction. there is no need for an assault weapon to be in the hands of your everyday citizen. >> the ban on assault weapons expired eight years ago. new york mayor michael bloomberg says president owe bam in and mitt romney need to end their carefully guarded silence on gun control. >>> it is 4:31. here are some of the other stories making news now this morning. harsh punishments for penn state. the ncaa will announce corrective and punitive measures against the university at a 9:00 a.m. news conference today all in connection with the jerry sandusky child abuse sex case. the university will be spared the so-called death penalty which means it
and field. >>> there are new details about the tom cruise katie holmes divorce. >>> and a tv host makes a major announcement about his personal live. >> reporter: tv host anderson cooper revealed he is gay in an open letter to the daily beast. he kept his personal life private until now because he didn't want it to interfere with his work as a journalist. his silence he said gave the wrong impression that he was trying to hide something or he was ashamed but he says quote i couldn't be any more comfortable or proud. >>> actress katie holmes remained holed up inside her new york apartment, hearing her husband, tom cruise, might try to take her daughter over her. she ended the marriage over concerns with cruise's signtology faith. >>> major movie memorabilia is about to go up on auction in los angeles. the costume michael keeton wore is being sold. it is expected to sell for as much as $50,000. or for $80,000 you can buy the original chewbacca mask and head or the superman costumes worn by christopher receive -- christopher receive and marlon brando. >>> alec baldwin says his new wife is
average. >>> a speedy settlement in the tom cruise-katie holmes case. >> academy award winner joins the "the hunger games" franchise. we have those stories and more in this week's look at entertainment. >> reporter: katie holmes and tom cruise have reach add divorce settlement. the speedy resolution comes less than two weeks after holmes filed papers to divorce the mission impossible star. in a joint statement the stars asked for privacy and said they would work together to raise their 6-year-old daughter suri. philip hoffman is the latest actor to sign on to the "the hunger games" sequel catching fire. the oscar winner will play the new head game maker. the "the hunger games" made more than $400 million at the box office. the next movie is expected to hit theaters in the fall of 2013. >> d.n.a. can be very helpful. >> reporter: actress keira said rick is wrapping up her season on the closer. the 46-year-old actress has played la deputy police life linda johnson. >> i felt let's leave when we're on top, when people want us around. let's not stick around to the point where they're be
we will want to get their input before we make any kind of a decision on that. >> reporter: holmes' father was here in colorado to support his son. the family attorney spoke with the media. >> their hearts go out to the victims and their families. >> reporter: holmes will be formally charged monday. manuel gallegus, cbs news, aurora, colorado. >> the mother of the 6-year-old girl killed in the massacre was also shot. andrea mccarren is in colorado and has learned that mother is pregnant. even though she is paralyzed, her unborn child is fine. the residents in aurora are having a hard time coping. here's andrea with more. >> reporter: the mother of the 6-year-old girl killed in the theater massacre is reportedly pregnant. and although she was shot in the abdomen and paralyzed, the baby is all right. a memorial is steps away from the place where all innocence was lost, the unthinkablimthe h a patchwork of flowers, stuffed animals and candles. >> it's a way to share our love and bring the community together. >> reporter: the swell of emotion comes as new information about the suspect
's a look at other things making news now. james holmes, the man accused in the colorado theater shooting will be arraigned and officially charged today. during the hearing prosecutors are also expected to present new evidence which was discovered last week. we are learning new details about the case. the aurora police chief says the theater normally hires off-duty police to work on weekends, but there were no security officers on hand the night of the shooting, the company, which runs the theater, is not commenting. >>> a 19-year-old cent state university student is scheduled to be arraigned today for allegedly posting a twitter message saying he planned to shoot up the campus. williamber ray is charged with one count of inducing panic and aggravated menacing. he was arrested yesterday in brunswick, ohio. >>> the new superman ride at california six flags discovery kingdom has a few kinks to work out. passengers got to the top of the ride yesterday afternoon and got stuck in the air when the ride stopped. rescue crews had to bring in a crane to get the riders down. the ride will be closed
an oscar in 1947. holmes appeared in another son, return of the having bond and the king and i. she is survived by her husband and two sons. >>> "american idol" is looking for judges. >> there are two gone now. >>> and the dark knight rises tonight. >> reporter: the dark knight invades gotham tonight. it is the last installment, the film opens nationwide this friday. >>> "american idol" has two empty chairs to fill. jennifer lopez and steven tyler are leaving the show after two seasons. producers are reportedly talking to mariah carey and adam lambert fans are pushing for the one time contestant to return as a judge. after 11 seasons, idol is struggling but it is still the most watched talent show, beating "dancing with the stars" and the voice. season five is split over two years and turns dark. the show's main character, walter, is said to transfer from chemistry teaching to drug lord. >>> and salmon fishing, the inspirational comedy follows an unlikely team as they attempt to bring salmon fishing to the desert. >> and babies change everything in the comedy friends with kids. two
conts contributions to albert wynn, eleanor holmes norton, barack obama, and hillary clinton. none is charged with knowing about the illegal help. >> it involved a plan to send miss harris to brazil for over five years which is the statute of limitations on many federal offenses. >> reporter: city council chairman phil mendelson tuesday night. >> today's events are very troubling and it speaks to a corruption in elections that's far beyond what everybody realized. i think it's safe to say the candidates who received the donations did not realize they were coming from straw donors. and it's going to take time to rebuild that trust. >> reporter: safe to say they didn't realize it was coming from straw donors, there's $650,000 in subterranean donations in the mayoral campaign. how could the candidate not know? >> i can't speculate on that. i don't understand some of this and we're all learning this together. but your question was about whether we -- how can we guarantee that elections are not corrupt. i think it requires constant vigilance. the bottom line is there's not an easy answe
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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